BYD Forklifts

BYD Forklifts offer a premium solution to your lifting needs. With capacities ranging from 1.8t-3.5t, these BYD electric forklifts provide a range of lifting options to choose from. Powered by lithium batteries, BYD forklifts offer a range of benefits such as Zero Emissions, Zero Battery Maintenance, Reduced Servicing Costs, Top Up Charging, No Watering Systems and much more. If you are need of a high quality forklift to help with your lifting needs, then the BYD electric forklift is the right choice for you. Each forklift comes with the option for a warranty plan tailored to your needs. These electric forklifts are available for sale Australia wide including Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney. Contact us today to secure one of these forklifts for yourself!