Diesel Forklifts

Forklifts Direct has a wide range of Forklifts for sale Australia wide. With capacities ranging from 2 ton up to 10 ton, our diesel forklifts can suit the lifting needs of any job. Our diesel forklifts for sale are both powerful and reliable. Built for the outdoors, our diesel lift trucks are great for farms and outdoor applications. The easy accessibility of diesel makes these diesel forklifts for sale a viable option for any business with proper ventilation. Our diesel lift trucks are available for delivery Australia wide, meaning we can deliver our forklifts to Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney and more. 

Our range of Diesel Lift Trucks

More about our Diesel Forklifts

Forklifts Direct have sold a wide variety of forklifts, including diesel lift trucks, for almost 10 years. Our team’s knowledge and skill when it comes selling and servicing forklifts is the reason why we continue to grow and further increase our long list of customers. Our diesel forklifts are powerful machines that are perfectly suited for any outdoor application where a forklift is required. These forklifts are more suited for outdoor applications but can still be operated within a warehouse as long as proper ventilation is possible. These diesel lift trucks have been tried and tested for many years and are both reliable and powerful. Most of our internal combustion forklifts come fitted with side shift, solid tyres and 3 stage container masts to suit the needs of our customers. Interested in seeing more? Contact us today to see our IC forklifts yourself. As stated previously, our diesel forklifts are ready for sale in QLD, VIC, NSW, WA and SA

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