Mima Side Loader Forklift

Mima Side Loader Forklift now available from Forklifts Direct

Lift Capacities: 1.5t to 4t (Options Available)

Lift Height:1m to 8m (Options Available)

Work within narrow aisles

Rotation: 360 degrees

Option for Reach

Nationwide Delivery Options Available

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What is a Side Loader Forklift?

The Mima Side Loader forklift is a versatile piece of machinery. Standard forklifts can only move forward and reverse, therefore needing a generous amount of space to be available for these machines to turn around in. The Mime Side Loader Forklift does not have this issue as it can move in ANY direction. The versatile machine allows for users to travel straight, reverse, diagonally and sideways. This is an incredibly helpful feature as due to it not needing the extra space to turn around in, the distance between racking can be decreased, resulting in the availability of more storage space. These forklifts also come fitted with reach options to help maximise their use. The forklifts come with 5 year warranty options and are available for sale in all major cities: Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney.

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