What Should I Be Checking Regularly On My Forklift?

To ensure your forklift is working properly, you should be completing these checks regularly. By ensuring your forklift is in perfect working condition, you will be able to extend the life and usage of your forklift.


Just like car tyres, it is important to regularly check your tyres. Pneumatic tyres should be inspected for not only tread wear, but also for tyre pressure to ensure that users stay on top of any possible leaks. Solid rubber tyres should also still be inspected regularly, but only need to be checked for tread wear. If in need of new forklift tyres, contact Forklifts Direct for our onsite tyre replacement service.

Forklift Tyres


To ensure the tynes lift properly, it is important to ensure the mast is properly greased. If not maintained properly, the tynes may not rise as easily, something which potentially could have adverse effects when lifting products. This is relatively easy to check as a forklift can be raised without any weight and if it drags as it raises, then it requires grease being added to the mast and other wear parts.

Demo EP 3

Lift Chains

There are legal wear / stretch that apply to forklifts in Australia. During the servicing or inspection, the lift chains can be measured by the technician to establish they are worn beyond the legal limit. IF they are worn, then New Lift Chains can be fitted on site by our technicians to ensure your forklift is operating is a safe manner and to avoid a major incident if the lift chains were to break during operation of the forklift.

Forklift Lifting Chains


Lights not only help to lighten up darkened warehouses, but they are also essential to maintaining safety in a warehouse environment. It is essential that users consistently check the lights on their forklift to ensure that they are in working condition. If they are not working properly and an incident occurs as a result, the user could be liable, so it is important for users to check the lights every time they use a forklift. Upgrade now to new LED lights for longer life and brighter lighting.

LED Flashing Lights


Similar to lights, beepers are there to ensure everyone is alerted to when a forklift is being moved. Once again, if the beeper has not been checked and is in fact not working, then any incidents that may occur as a result would leave the forklift driver and the employer / Director legally liable. A simple check can be done by reversing the forklift and ensuring that the beeper is sounded as this happens. If the beeper is inactive, contact Forklifts Direct for our forklift mechanics to repair your forklift on site.

Reverse Beepers

Oil / Coolant / Daily Safety Check

During your daily inspection you should be recording a checklist to ensure safe operation of your forklift. If you find any item faulty at the time of your daily inspection or oils and coolants require topping up or replacement, the forklift should be tagged out of use and our on site service technicians can rectify the issue for you.


This will prevent your operators form continuing to use the forklift when unsafe ensuring no injury to the forklift driver or others in the warehouse occurs.