Stand On Pallet Trucks

Our Xtreme branded Stand On Pallet Trucks are available in three different lift capacities, 2t, 2.5t and 3t. These pallet trucks come with Lithium Ion Batteries which feature a range of benefits such as ZERO battery maintenance, top up charging capabilities, temperate adaptability and more. Our Xtreme Pallet Trucks also feature a stand on platform on the rear, making for easier use.

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Our Range

Xtreme 2t Pallet Truck (Main)
Xtreme 2t Pallet Truck
Xtreme 2.5t Pallet Truck
Xtreme 2.5t Pallet Truck
Xtreme 3t Pallet Truck (Main)
Xtreme 3t Pallet Truck

About Our Pallet Trucks

Forklifts Direct has a wide range of lithium electric pallet movers for sale Australia wide. They have zero emissions and maintenance free batteries, keeping your warehouse safe from fumes and saving you time and money. They come in three options, weight scale, stand on and traditional. The Traditional Pallet Movers are battery operated and simply lift and lower stock. Our Stand On Pallet Trucks offer this same function but with the addition of a rideable platform at the rear. The Weight Scale Pallet Movers additionally achieve this, with the added bonus of a weight scale which informs the user of how the heavy the load is that they are attempting to lift. Nationwide delivery is available for these products, contact us to learn more about our delivery options. Colour, shape and model may vary depending on availability.  Available for sale in all major cities: Adelaide, Brisbane, MelbournePerthSydney.

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