Walkie Reach Pallet Stackers

Forklifts Direct has a wide range of pallet stackers for sale Australia wide. Our pallet stackers come in two options: Straddle and Reach. The walkie reach stackers are designed to help access stock from deeper shelves. The straddle pallet stackers aid in stabilising the stock more efficiently due to their wider reaching forks. Each stacker is operated from behind, allowing for users to have a clear view of their surroundings. They do not require a forklift licence to be operated, allowing them to be used by any personnel in the warehouse. Both options are available for Australia wide delivery, contact us today to learn more about these delivery options. Warranty options are also available, contact us today to learn more about available. 

Available for sale in all major cities: Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney.


Xtreme Walkie Reach Stacker
1.5t Walkie Reach Stacker
Xtreme Walkie Reach Stacker
2t Walkie Reach Stacker

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