Baoli LPG Forklifts

Forklifts Direct is a proud supplier of Baoli forklifts. Our wide range of Baoli LPG Forklifts are available for sale Australia wide. With capacities ranging from 1.5 ton up to 5 ton, our Baoli LPG forklifts can suit the lifting needs of any job. Baoli is a world renowned brand, delivering quality forklift products worldwide. These LPG forklifts are built to high standards and will suit the needs of your job. We can deliver these gas forklifts Australia wide, including all major capital cities. One of our most popular offerings, LPG forklifts are often chosen for the ease in which their fuel bottles can be changed. Warranty options available on all new Baoli gas forklifts, contact us to learn more. Our Baoli gas forklifts are also available for sale, rental and hire. Interested in a different brand or a higher lifting capacity? View our Xtreme site or our LPG product page.


1.8 - 2t Baoli LPG
1.8t-2t LPG Forklift
2.5t Baoli LPG
2.5t LPG Forklift
4-5t Baoli LPG
4t-5t LPG Forklift