Lithium Electric Forklifts

Forklifts Direct has the largest range of lithium electric products in Australia. These electric forklifts are the future of the industry, with multiple benefits that put them far ahead of other fuel sources. Zero Emissions, maintenance free batteries and quieter operation are some of the benefits that set these electric forklifts ahead of the competition. Forklifts Direct has a wide range of electric forklifts for sale Australia wide.


More about Lithium Electric Forklifts

The lithium forklift is the future of the forklift industry. They have many benefits that put them far ahead of the other fuel options in forklifts. These battery operated forklifts do not produce any emissions, meaning they are better for the environment and both worker and product health. Their batteries additionally do not require maintenance as they are designed to be untouched once fitted to the forklift. Without an engine, these lithium ion forklifts are quiet to operate which makes for a quieter working environment in the workplace. Unlike lead acid battery forklifts, these new electric forklifts for sale do not have any watering systems, making their maintenance even simpler. 

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