What Accessories Can I Get For My Forklift?

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At Forklifts Direct, we have a wide range of accessories that are either built to replace worn items on your forklift or to improve the user experience. In this article, we analyse what accessories are available to improve or replace items on your forklift. You can also see our range of accessories on our website or through the link here


Tyres are often one of the quickest wearing items on a forklift as along with tynes and chains, they are one of the more frequently used items. While being an option for replacement, we also have other tyre options available to give customers to upgrade or change the current tyre they are using. Three main tyre options are available which include pneumatic, solid and non-marking. Pneumatic tyres are filled with air and are better suited to uneven terrains such as sand or dirt. Solid tyres are made of solid rubber and are puncture proof, making them perfect for warehouses where they have even surfaces. Non-marking tyres are made of solid rubber as well but are white in colour and do not leave any marks on floors, making them perfect for warehouses that may have glossy white flooring. If you wish to learn more about the tyre options available, read Xtreme Forklift’s tyre options article here


Tynes are another item that can wear down fast if not managed correctly. Best practices for maintaining fork tynes is to ensure that they are lifted off the ground when moving the forklift, to ensure they are not scraping and being eroded away at. If these tynes are not maintained, however, and need replacing, Forklifts Direct has a range available to suit your needs. We can also offer longer or shorter tynes to suit the changing needs of your forklift.


Our range of lights include both safety and flashing lights, to make forklift operation safer and easier for both the driver and other employees or customers in the warehouse. Four options are available, with each being able to replace current fittings or be added to a forklift. These options are flashing lights, LED flashing lights, LED work lights and safety zone lights.

Rain Cover

Rain covers are perfect for both employees and the forklift when it comes to protecting both from the rain. When operating the forklift in the rain, the user will likely get wet and the dash and seat may get water on them as well. Over time, this can cause damage to the seat and dash but with the rain cover, any water damage from the rain can be prevented to the interior of the forklift. 

Weight Indicator & Reverse Beeper

This accessory is designed to aid a forklift user in being able to gauge the weight they are lifting. This accessory can be fitted to any forklift and will help the user to get an estimate of the weight they are about to lift, so that they can identify whether it is a weight the forklift can handle. In terms of safety, our reverse beepers alert anyone in the surrounding area that the forklift is reversing and is very beneficial to minimizing workplace injuries or accidents. 

Container Entry Ramp

For customers who use their forklifts to empty containers, our container entry ramp accessory allows for easy access into any container. By creating a gradient to work against the bottom of the container, your forklift can enter and exit the container with ease. The forklift must have a container entry mast for this ramp to be usable, otherwise the forklift will not be able to enter the container after using the ramp.

Safety Stickers

Included in our accessory offerings are safety stickers. These stickers are used to alert employees of any risks associated with the forklift and what to do to avoid them. We can supply a full sticker sheet to ensure your forklift is properly signed. 

Wear Items

Our list of accessories also includes many wear items such as chains, mirrors, seats, steering knobs, load back rests and LPG cylinder brackets. These accessories are mainly provided to replace damaged or worn versions as there are not any upgrades to these items. Many of these items can last for many years if taken care of properly. See the article here where we analyse what checks you should be completing on your forklift regularly to ensure it remains in excellent condition.

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