Which Forklift Attachments Should You Choose?

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Forklift attachments come in various styles to suit the needs of the customer. Here we will break down some of the most commonly used attachments to help you with the buying process. Attachments are designed to make the forklift more versatile and efficient in its capabilities.


Jibs essentially give forklifts crane capabilities on a small scale. They have a small hook on the end of the jib that can be used to attach to whatever needs to be lifted. The forklift is then simply raised, and the attached product will follow the tynes up. There is an extensive range available for short, long, and telescopic jibs to suit the requirements of your work. There are also tow ball jibs available as well which add an additional towing benefit to the jib.

Side Shift

Side Shift is the most requested attachment in the sense that for most forklifts we order in, we get side shift attachments added on automatically. Side shift allows the forks to be held in the same position, but with the ability to be able to move left and right. It allows for some leeway when positioning the tynes so that if a user misses the insert slots, they can simply use the side shift to move it into the correct position.

Safety Cages/ Work Platforms

When needing to reach something high up, the thought would have likely crossed the mind of simply using a forklift to elevate someone to reach it. Safety cages make that possible and most importantly, safe. As pictured below, they are simply a worker’s cage that can be attached to a forklift by inserting tynes into the lower part and tightening. Safety cages allow for workers to be lifted, like a cherry picker, whilst still maintaining proper safety.

Fork Positioner

This attachment, as the name suggests, allows the forks on a forklift to spread further apart or to move closer together. It allows for users to adjust the forks to suit what is being lifted, whether it is a standard pallet or an item with different dimensions. Along with a rotator and side shift, this is one of the most popular attachments typically selected by customers.


Used frequently in the wine industry, rotators offer a full 360-degree rotation when loading items on a forklift. As mentioned previously, this attachment is one of the top three frequently requested attachments.

Scrap Bins

Not too much needs to be said about the scrap bin attachment, as both the name and picture show the function and use of this attachment well. This attachment would be best suited for a customer that needs to clear rubbish out of areas regularly.

Bin Tipper

The bin tipper attachment is beneficial to customers who may be needing to empty larger bins frequently. The scrap bin attachment works well for customers who may only need to empty their bin one or two times a day, but for customers who are regularly emptying their bins, this attachment is better suited for them.

Fork Extensions

Similar to how the fork positioner moved the position of the forks, this attachment helps the user to adjust the length at which the fork is extended. This attachment is perfect for someone who is lifting a product that is a bit longer than a standard pallet. However, when using this attachment, the user must be careful of the load center as a result of the forks being extended. The purchaser should ensure that they confer with the seller as to what forklifts would be capable of this attachment before purchasing.


This attachment works well for any customers who may be working with hay barrels, compact recycling, or wooden barrels. The clamp attachment is often used by farmers and companies that utilize a trash compactor on a regular basis.

Multiple Pallet Handler

This attachment can make lifting multiple pallets more efficient, depending on how often they are required to be moved. Customers are advised to consult the seller once again regarding the weight management when handling multiple pallets.
All attachments are available through Forklifts Direct.
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