Ride on Reach Trucks

New Lithium Ion Ride on Reach Trucks for sale from Forklifts Direct.

Capable of lifting up to 10m, with capacities ranging from 1.2 ton up to 2 ton. Stand on and Ride on options are available to suit the needs of the user. 

Each reach truck is powered by a lithium electric battery, which allows for it to be opportunistically charged, whilst not requiring any maintenance. 3 hours is all that is required to fully charge the battery. Each truck also comes with standard camera systems and the option for up to 5 years warranty. 

These reach trucks have an open view cabin, allowing for a 360 degree view of the surrounds. These reach trucks are designed for easy operation and provide comfort to the user via the seated option. 

Stand on Reach Trucks are also available for customers who may only be using this product for short periods of time or who prefer standing during operation.

Our Reach trucks are available for sale Australia wide with warranty options available. 


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