Benefits of Pallet Movers

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Pallet Movers are perfect for warehouse use when needing to move small loads around. Three options are available which are Traditional Pallet Movers, Lithium Ion Pallet Movers and Weight Scale Pallet Movers. Pallet Movers are easy to operate and do not require any sort of license to be operated. Read through this article to learn more about the benefits of these machines. 

Easy To Use

These movers are user friendly and do not require a license to be used. When lifting and lowering stock, users simply use a lever for raising and lowering. To move, users simply push or pull another lever. This piece of equipment is designed to be simple to use and by utilising levers, they successfully achieve this.

Tight Space Maneuverability

90 Degree rotation makes these movers perfect for small spaces and tight angles.  The forks measure at around 2m which makes them compact for use in tight spaces, especially trucks and warehouse aisles.

Options Available

Our Pallet Movers are available in three options: The traditional Pallet Jack, the new Lithium Ion Pallet Mover and Weight Scale Pallet Movers.

Our Pallet Jacks are simple yet easy to use. User powered, these Pallet Jacks are lifted and lowered by pumping the handle. Traditional Pallet Jacks are still available as an option but do require more manual labour than their battery counterparts.

Our new Lithium Ion Pallet Movers remove the need for manual labour when lifting or lowering as they are battery operated and can do it all at the touch of a button. The new Lithium Ion batteries are also maintenance free, making them an easy product to look after.

The third option available in the Pallet Mover range are the Weight Scale Pallet Movers, which provide users with an indication of how heavy the load is that they are lifting. 

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