MultiDirectional Forklift

Multidirectional Forklift

Capacities range from 1.5t up to 4t

Lift heights range from 1m to 8m

Works with narrow aisles

The MultiDirectional forklift is perfect for warehousing environments that require heavy loads to be lifted. These forklifts can move sidewards, allowing for easier access in between shelving. Traditional forklifts would need to enter an aisle, swivel to face the stock and then pick the stock up. From there, they would need to swivel back around to face the aisle’s exit and proceed out. These forklifts are much simpler as they can enter in sidewards, pick up stock and then exit sidewards. No more swivelling or wasting time finding the right forklift. These forklifts are available for delivery Australia wide. Warranty options available, contact us today. 

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